Why hello there

Hi!  Im lisa


We all have stories, and tales of stress and trauma that we have overcome, or are in the process of overcoming.  Like most health practitioners, I have always turned to kinesiology, massage and other modalities as my way of healing, and have found such a benefit from it, both personally and in my business, that I want to help others who are going through their bad days.

As weird as it sounds, I have always loved being able to dig deep and find the underlying issues causing stress.. I have a nack of being able to find the thing that others don’t see, and shedding light on it so it can be corrected.

So it’s no wonder my first career is as an accountant – specialising in tax and small business.  I’m exactly like that H&R Block lady on the ad “YES!!  Another deduction!” (though no brown chunky knit cardigans in sight)

Im the same in my business with my own clients, my aim is to get to the bottom of the stress, so it can be cleared, and the transformation can happen.  No one wants to be stuck in that stressful state, and when there are really easy ways out, why not use them!

I am a wife, a mum, a healer, a business owner, an accountant, probably more things – all of these and I don’t drink coffee (I tried once a few years ago.. it got weird). or like Avocado.. Orange is my favourite colour, and I could talk all day long about anything spiritaul, energy or “new age”.


My life has seen many transformtions, starting from a very young age when my Mum took me to a Kinesiologist.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients just like you, seeking change – knowing that there is something better out there waiting for you.  Knowing that working on your energy, your emotions and your mindset is the way to make real progress, and you are ready for all the world has to offer you.

Now it’s your turn to benefit from my years of experience and training in all my areas of study, to find your transformation, and help you live the life you want to be living.


How do you cope with life?


Life happens.. to everyone.  It’s completely unavoidable – unless of course you live in a cave in the mountains and meditate all day long (though doesn’t that sound tempting)..

My aim in the work I do is to have everyone being able to find their balance, and stay in alignment when times of stress arise.  To be able to actively choose to sit and write a to do list for a very busy period, so you can tick each item off when its done, rather than get swallowed up by overwhelm and not actually do anything.

To be able to effectively communicate when you need to, rather than bottling it all up – and then letting it out in a way that doesn’t help.

To be able to open up and connect with your business and clients, so you can attract and work with your ideal clients, so you can reach your business goals.

To be able to recognise when your body is in pain, and needing some help realigning your pelvis so you can move freely again.

We often wear stress and pain as badges of honour – convinced that this is how we are supposed to feel in order to succeed.  Im here to tell you, that ISN’T true!  You don’t need to live with the stress and pain anymore.

To me, its like the scale (and Im a Libra so I feel this a lot).  Stress tips the scale in one direction, but action tips it back.  If you allow yourself to get stuck in stress, your scale is stuck in that position, and it can feel like all the weight is falling on you.  If however, you are able to move out of stress, release the pressure that is on you, your scale comes back up, and you are in balance again.

I have no desire to enable you to stay in your stories.. Change will happen, and if your ready for it, I’m here to help make it as smooth as it can be.  LET’S DO THIS!


And I love doing this work

Here’s what happy clients say

I just had a “remote session” with Lisa, where she tuned in, recorded a video and sent me the details. Before the session, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. After watching the recording, I’m totally blown away!

Her assessment of where the blocks were in my body & what likely caused them was spot on! I was nodding away furiously as I watched the video – wondering how on earth she knew

Her explanation of the causes; the clearing process and the next steps for me were also on point!

Totally loved my session with her!

If you need help tuning in to your body or your chakras and clearing the blocks – definitely reach out to Lisa!!

Richa Jain - The Business Strategist

Compassionate and caring, Lisa is an expert Kinesiologist and I recommend her to all





 I’ve done a lot of study, so let’s celebrate it!

  • Bachelor of Business Accounting / Business Management
  • Graduate Diploma Chartered Accounting
  • Reiki Master
  • Kinesiology practitioner – Level 2 (500-600hrs)
  • Cert iv Massage Therapy
  • Diploma Massage Therapy
  • Advanced Diploma Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Cert iv Training and Assessment
  • Theta Healing (Basic and advanced)
  • Heart Resonance (Level 1)

 Need to clear your energy of other people or situations? 

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