If you believe you deserve nurturing only when you’re extremely upset, then you will feel like you have to be totally falling apart before you take care of yourself


Kinesiology is an amazing energy healing modality that allows us to tap into the subconscious to find, and clear the stories that are putting the breaks on you and your success.

It combines theory and practices from traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic, counseling, energy healing, sound healing, and probably so many other things too.  The unique way all of these theories and practices work together means that all parts of you are looked at – physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual, and the sessions can encompass any or all of these aspects.

So what happens during a session?

First of all, we discuss what has been happening with you, what stories are playing out, and what blocks you are coming across.  Then we dive in with the muscle testing to determine the what, where and when of the stresses stuck in your system.  I use my range of books and lists to find the specific information that is needed, and we discuss what comes up and how its playing out for you, so you can consciously understand and release it.

Once all the information is gathered, we get to the corrections.  These can be anything from energy correction to the chakra, sound healing using a Tibetan singing bowl, gong, chakra chime, bell or tuning fork.  It could also be flower essences, a visualisation, stomping, or an essential oil spray. 

Once we know that all the corrections have been done, we do the whole process again to make sure that all of the blocks that need to be cleared on the day are cleared.

How do you know when it’s working?

The energy starts shifting straight away, so don’t be surprised if you experience tummy grumbles or yawning during a session.  I have even fallen asleep during a session!  It’s all just a sign that the energy is moving.  A lot of people also feel sleepy after a session

In the hours or days after a session, you may also notice emotions coming up – either positive or negative, but you weren’t experiencing them before.  This is also energy moving, and it’s important to allow it to happen, but not to attach any more energy to it.  For example, if feelings of sadness or frustration come up, just notice them, and allow the energy to be there and work through it – journalling, crying, singing really loudly – anything to use the energy in a safe way for you.  If you sit and dwell in it, you are giving it more energy, which can just block the energy moving and the healing stops.

Similarly, if feelings of happiness, or increased energy happen, again, just use the energy in a safe way – don’t push yourself to the point of exhaustion because you feel good, as this too will just block the energy moving and stop the healing.

After a few days (at most) you will feel the energy has settled, and then you can start to assess what has shifted.

Another really common effect of kinesiology is forgetting things – but it’s not what you think.  As kinesiology aims to cut the connection between the stressor and the reaction, and we generally only remember the reaction, once the connection is broken, the energy is released, there is nothing left to remember.

Here’s an example – you are in a stressful situation at work, someone is trying to argue with you and you are getting increasingly frustrated.  The stressor is the communication issues, and the reaction is the frustration.  When this program is running, every time you are in a situation with communication issues, you will feel frustration.  After the connection is cut however, you are free to choose a new reaction!  The next time you are in that situation, instead of your brain thinking “ok what did we do last time… get frustrated.. ok, do that” it will think “ok what did we do last time….. no records… ok, choose…. compassion, patience etc etc”.

What is the difference between in person/online, and remote sessions?

The difference between these sessions is mainly the delivery. 

In person sessions, you are laying on the massage table in my treatment room in my home. 

Online sessions are the same, except you are where ever you are – at home, at work, on holidays, anywhere!  We connect via Zoom (like skype but better) and I connect to your energy and then the session runs the same.  I think of the energy connection like an extension cord between us, with me as the surrogate.  I still use muscle testing, still check all the same things, but you watch through the computer.  After the session, I unplug, and your energy returns to you to fully integrate.  There is no impact on you during the session that wouldn’t happen if you were in person.

Remote sessions are a little bit different, in that you are not live during the session with me.  I still connect in the same as an online session, and conduct the session the same way, but as you are not live with me, we don’t talk during the session.  The session is recorded and sent to you to watch (or not) afterwards.  These sessions are proving to be quite popular for a few reasons.  Firstly, you don’t need to book a time.  I do the session when I can (usually at night) and you can watch when ever.  The energy still works the same. Secondly, by bypassing the talking during the session, it can actually help the session get deeper, because sometimes we get so stuck in our stories, we convince ourselves that what ever is coming up isn’t an issue, which can affect the muscle testing.  Thirdly, some people just don’t care about what’s coming up – they literally say “I don’t care what the issues are, just clear them and tell me after”.  This is the perfect session for that!

Ultimately, the decision about what session would be best for you is all personal (and geographic).  In this era of technology, the world has opened up and we can access so many more things than ever before.  The Zoom software has an app as well as working through a web browser, so you really can have healing sessions when ever and where ever you are!

 How many sessions do I need?

Depends on what is happening for you!  I have always said that your healing journey is yours, no one else’s, so no one can dictate to you how many sessions and how often.  However, as a guide, I recommend this:

Single sessions – great for a quick pick me up, a tune up, what ever you want to call it, when you just aren’t feeling yourself and don’t know why.

Pack of 3 sessions – perfect for those who want to work on a particular issue, to really hone in on all aspects of it, and help make sure that what ever is currently presenting gets cleared.  Sessions are usually fortnightly.

Pack of 6 sessions – this is for the big issues, as it is more comprehensive and allows you, your body and energy time to release all the things holding you back.  This is also a great option for a maintenance program, as the sessions can be fortnightly, or monthly, to help clear the little things that come up before they have time to become big things.

 How much is it?

Single session – remote – $100

Single session – in person or online – $150

Energetic Accounting single session – $200

3 session pack – remote – $280

3 session pack – in person or online – $420

6 session pack – remote – $500

6 session pack – in person or online – $750

Still not sure?

Not sure what option is right for you?

Contact me now to chat.. I’m just a phone call away!.

What happy clients say

Working with Lisa has been amazing.  She has uncovered things that I hadn’t realised about myself.  Her methods allow me to get out of my own way so I can move forward


I really look forward to my sessions with Lisa, I always learn something about myself and how I operate that enables me to make better decisions going forward, and I have seen some amazing changes within myself over the years.  Thanks you Lisa!


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