What my clients say

If you need clarity and you’re ready to really shift those blocks in your business or your life, it’s most definitely worth having a session with Lisa. I’ve never experienced anything like it!

Utilising a unique set of kinesiology tools and a finely honed intuition, Lisa tapped into my energy and got a real sense of where I was at and what was going on for me, without giving her any information about myself or my life. And she was BANG ON! What I loved about it was that it was so much more than just a reading.

She was able to connect in with me energetically and start shifting some blocks, enabling me to find clarity and have the confidence to stand in my own power.

The change was incredibly fast and the results are amazing. This is the perfect session for you if you’re self employed or a business owner as she’ll literally help you get out of your own way, educate you around any blocks present and give you tools to move forward, while helping shift blocked energy for you at the same time.

I highly recommend these sessions to anyone ready to grow. Thanks Lisa. You’re profoundly gifted and I’m grateful to have connected with you and your remarkable work.

Monique Bradley

Suffering consistent back and pelvic pain that I could not work through, I began seeing Lisa for massage.  Wow! I don’t know why I waited so long, I have so far been 1 month pain free and I am very very grateful.  She has since put me through her fantastic brand of kinesiology and sound healing, and I plan on doing more since it has opened up a part of me I have been neglecting.  So happy to have her in my life.

Anna S

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!  After the last session I had the best sleep, I feel energised and ready to tackle the world!  I can’t believe I feel this good, when I should be feeling worse – but I’m not!  I never realised ‘exhausted’ was an emotion, I just thought it was a physical state, but releasing it has made such a difference! THANK YOU!!!

Lisa B

Thank you so much for your sessions.  So many things have resonated with me to the point that I just start laughing (and a couple of times crying).  The things you say turn up regularly in my life (all the 3’s, and orange essential oil – my fave).  Thanks again

Natalie W

If it weren’t for you Id still be suffering with those headaches.  If I get one now I know there’s something I need to have a good look at

Cindy S

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