Feeling like a shift is coming?..

Quick flow is a 4 week 1:1 program to help you clear the wounds causing you pain now, helping you to move towards that shift you feel is coming..

















Do you feel like you are on the precipice of change ?


There can be times in our lives where we feel like we are cruising along the path, where even if things “go wrong”, we know we are still heading in the right direction.

There are other times when we feel like things need to change.  It may be a little change, it may be a big change – either way, you can feel that it is coming, and is needed.

The thing with change is, that so often, we aren’t ready – and that’s totally fine.  There are times where we convince ourselves that we are ready, but deep down, you know you aren’t – again, totally fine.  

The only person who can truly tell you what you are and aren’t ready for, is you. There is no timeline to follow, except the one your soul has planned for you.. Because change is something that we are wired to avoid, and our nervous systems like it when things are the same, predictable, known.. It feels safer that way.. Better the devil you know as they say.

Sometimes however, you are ready for the change.  You know it, you feel it, and you do the work.. But what happens if the goal isn’t met?

This is what Quick Flow is for.

For those times you KNOW you are ready for change, but there is still something in the way..

I knew there were blocks around me receiving money for my passion, and so I knew I needed help to bust through what was holding me back.  Lisa helped me to uncover unconscious factors hindering me from moving fowrard, and to work through them in a loving way. 

The sound healing tracks were so comforting and helpful to moving thorugh the energy that was moved that week.  



















I see you..

You have visions and goals, but something is getting in the way.. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the past repeating..

You want to be able to clear these things, so you can see more clearly what your next steps are.  The last year(s) have been so full of shifts and changes and heaviness that you want to clear out what ever is keeping you at your current place in the world.

No more playing by others rules, no more playing it safe, you want to take life by the reigns and charge forth.  Woo Hoo! 

There may be many things trying to get your attention, and with a clearer vision you can see exactly where to put your energy, and where not to – you don’t want to be carried along the “wrong” path again after all.. 

You want to redefine your rules, change things up and do things that are in your own best interest – not others.

Why?  Because you want to be prepared for what comes next..  You couldn’t build a strong house on top of sand, and the same goes for you.  The stroger you feel emotionally and mentally, the better you are able to be with what ever comes next – business or career growth, new love, or anything else.  

Ultimately, you know new times are coming, and you want to be ready for them when they arrive.  

Want to see inside Quick Flow?


Here is an example of what may come up during Quick Flow.  Bearing in mind, the person in this example had no intention going into Quick Flow, they just wanted to release what ever was he biggest priority to release.


Week 1

You say you want to have your grand spiritual experiences, and your great quantum leaps.. But do you?

*client responds with yes! of course! I am not afraid!*

Energy responds with a visual and a feeling..

*client realises.. no, ok, that’s a no..*

Energy is received to clear the blocks, and help the client understand fully.


Week 2

Ok, you say you are ready for that door to open.. lets walk up to the door together.

*client realises all reasons why they are not ready*

That’s ok, we will work through those now.


Week 3

Door opens

*client realises another layer of why they don’t want to walk through*

That’s ok, lets clear those now


Week 4

Walks through door.. its not as expected

*client receives the message that they need to be more specific with their desires.. What does being happy mean to you?  There are so many definitions, we (the universe) don’t know which one you want*


A small note – I have described the sessions as if they were live, however they were not.  The sessions were done remotely, meaning I was tapping into the energy of the client, and translating what I felt/saw.  The feelings etc were validated by the client after the sessions too, with further information provided about the circumstances I described in the sessions.



Why do you want this, and not some Single Flow sessions, or to do a longer program?

Think of it like a corridor with doors..

In a Single Flow session, we open the first door, and clear what is there, before moving on to the next door.

In the longer programs, we open all the doors (6 actually) and go much deeper.  Because all of the doors are open, more momentum is created, and more can be cleared each week.

In Quick Flow, it is the same principle, we open 4 doors, we get the no BS versions of what needs to be cleared now, and we get to it.

Its all in the energy – your soul/the universe/whatever knows what is ready to be cleared in the time frame, and will present it for clearing.

Quick Flow is designed to be just that – quickly and easily releasing what can be released now to enable you to move into a state of flow, ready for what comes next.    No fluff, no BS, no maybe’s..  

Quick Flow will say to you – “you said you wanted this, buuuuut here are all the reasons you are currently saying you don’t.. shall we clear them?














What to expect in Quick Flow

Weekly sessions

1:1 session each week for 4 weeks, to enable us to find the blocks and release them, whilst creating such momentum that the energy has no choice but to release everything it can.  Leaving you feeling like you have no choice but to move forward.  

Available worldwide

Sessions are conducted remotely – I record them on Zoom, and email you afterwards, so no matter where you are, you are able to access the healing you need right now.

Custom Sound healing tracks

Custom sound healing tracks when needed, to listen to after your session to help with the releasing and integrate the healing

Voxer/Signal support

ongoing support between sessions with either Voxer or Signal

I was apprehensive going into the deep flow program but I’m glad I pushed my comfort zone. Thank you for holding the space for me to heal Lisa. You’ve helped me so much, week after week I’m blown away by how spot on you are with everything, thank you for shifting some heavy, deeply ingrained beliefs and blocks.

Your deep flow program has been such an insightful, healing experience. and it’s been such a pleasure getting to know you. 


Working with Lisa has been amazing.  She has uncovered things that I hadn’t realised about myself.  Her methods allow me to get out of my own way so I can move forward


Lisa’s Deep Flow program helped uncover beliefs and blocks that had been negatively influencing my life for decades. It feels fantastic to leave the past in the past.  You definitely broke the dam Lisa and I thank you for it! I was craving some deep work and your Deep Flow program certainly delivered. 


I really look forward to my sessions with Lisa, I always learn something about myself and how I operate that enables me to make better decisions going forward, and I have seen some amazing changes within myself over the years.  Thank you Lisa


Ready for Quick Flow?

Quick Flow pay in full

Deep Flow pay in full $1,000 aud

approx $664 usd

Quick Flow weekly payment plan

Weekly payment plan of $255 aud per week for four weeks

approx $169 usd