“What is this…. Magic?”

If you believe you deserve nurturing only when you’re extremely upset, then you will feel like you have to be totally falling apart before you take care of yourself

Whilst no two sessions are alike, and the style and energy I work with is ever evolving, there are some facets that remain the same.

Firstly, we will go through your thoughts and feelings about the issues that you want to work on.  Then, we ask your body, energy and Guides to show us all the relevant information we need, then we release it using what ever method your body and energy want.

More importantly though, is how you will FEEL..

Sometimes you will feel amazing!  Full of energy, clarity, excitement, yet calm, focussed and grounded.

Sometimes you will feel a deep relief, a lightness, because a heavy weight has finally been lifted.

Sometimes you will feel like you have done a complete 180°, and are completely different to how you were beforehand. 

Sometimes you will feel no different, until you or someone around you realises you aren’t being triggered, or you are reacting differently.  THEN you will realise all the other ways you feel different – there is a reason this often happens*, and I think its pretty cool.


“Holy Moly I cried all day yesterday! Raw, broken open!  Crazy and much needed.  The day you were doing the actual healing was the first time in a week that I slept through the night!!
In the healing you said I needed to go to a lake with tall trees and a beach, I was literally looking at this place!.  We have a cabin and its surrounded by the trees and has a little beach.  It was so cool to hear you describe my exact location!”


*  It is more common that not, that after a session you won’t remember the specifics of what came up.  This is because our brains only remember what is important for us for future reference. 

If you don’t need to remember which undies you wore every Tuesday of 2003, you don’t remember.. Same goes for emotions or past events. You will always have the session recording to look back to if you want though.

The other wonderful thing about our brains, is that it generally only remembers the result, rather than the trigger..  So, after a session, and you’ve forgotten what came up, you’ve most likely also forgotten what the issues were. 

So, you may realise you feel better, but its not until someone points out “hey, you don’t seem as stressed about work today” that you realise..  If what ever the trigger was has been released, and you didn’t need to remember it, guess what.. its gone, and so is your memory of it. 

But when will I see results?  How do I know it’s worked?

You will know its worked, when you can move forward without the restructions you have felt previously.  

Healing is a collaborative effort – my job is to help facilitate the movemetn of energy etc, and open the doors for your to walk through.

Your job is to be willing to release what needs to be released, and then to walk through the doors that have been opened.  Sometimes, that can happen straight away, sometimes that happens later.  

I can promise you though, there is no right or wrong way, and everything happens when it is meant to.

I will give you an example from a session I personally had.  When I asked about a topic to do with my physical health, the answer was not that I had to “let something go”, but that I needed to cultivate better habits.  The lesson for me, was that if my issue suddenly disapeared, I would learn nothing..  I would see results when I commit to a change in habits, and look after my body in the way I need to.  Thus, the choice is mine – make different choices, or stick with the same choices.  

“No one knows how hard I’ve been struggling with this.  I’ve pushed it down to not bother anyone.  I asked you about financial security, and boom they (the spirit team) push through the shit..  It’s clearly been hurting my soul”


On a practical note, the sessions are conducted using a combination of kinesiology, energy healing, sound healing and intuitive healing techniques, specifically designed for you for that day.  No two sessions are ever the same, and there is no cookie cutter formula to be found. 

Sessions are either live on zoom, or done remotely – meaning I record them on zoom, and send you the link afterwards to watch back and keep.   

I work with clients worldwide, so the benefit of offering live and remote sessions is that we can always find a time that can work!  If there isn’t a standard time that works for you, please let me know, I’m sure we can come up with something!

“Thank you so much Lisa, I really appreciate the energy and sharing.  You are super adorable too, love your energy.  Absolutely resonated, lovely to know the context of the origin.  Makes so much more sense now I understand the why and the strength of it.”  Kristie