Am I aligned? 

What does it mean to be aligned?

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If you are feeling stress, then yes, you are aligned. 

Wait.. What?

I understand how weird that sounds, I mean, how could stress possible be a way to know you are in alignment?  All the mentor’s and guru’s out there are telling us that to be in alignment is to feel easy, flowing, light, and all that other good stuff, and if you aren’t feeling good, then you must be out of alignment.  We have become so accustomed to the idea that alignment is only the good stuff, and anything else is a problem.

Let me ask you this though, when you think about all those guru’s, like Denise Duffield-Thomas, or Tash Corbin, do you think they have bad days, where sales are down, or the IT crashes, or some other deliverable isn’t met?  Yes, they absolutely do.  But do you think they then sit down and say “oh I must be so out of alignment with my business and my goals, because sales are down, and my bank is running low”?  Nope, they don’t.

Ill tell you the secret.. The fact that they can RECOGNISE that they are stressed, and actively seek ways to correct it before it gets worse, is WHY they are still in alignment.  Stress happens, all the time, they just know how to manage it.

This post from the Yung Pueblo instagram account shows it beautifully..  When we recognise that something is not working, and take steps to fix it, we stay in alignment.

If on the other hand, we don’t recognise it, or we do – but don’t take the steps to correct it, we move from a state of stress, into unknowing, apathy, defeat etc.  THIS is when we are out of alignment.

I remember when I last fell out of alignment.. I don’t remember what the tipping point was, but I remember how I felt.  I felt like everything was falling apart – I had lost all motivation for everything, I was getting sick more frequently, not sleeping very well, and just generally felt woeful.  Admittedly, it took me a while to recognise there was something wrong, but once I did, and got my help, I felt a 180° shift overnight.  I had a kinesiology session with an amazing practitioner, and turns out the stressor was grief that I hadn’t processed from the passing of my Grandfather – clearly not business related, but it was having an effect on everything.

So, lesson learned for me.  I now know what it feels like for me when I’m out of alignment, and it wasn’t fun. 

I also know what it feels like to “just” be stressed about something, whilst still in alignment, so I take action to prevent it getting worse.

Have you felt the difference?  Do you think you are stressed, but aligned, or totally out of alignment?

Want to take out the guess work?  See your favourite kinesiologist to clear the stories and stressors taking you out of alignment, and get you back into the land of the guru’s!

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